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How to shoot from long range in basketball (three steps)

by | Nov 16, 2020


Trying to shoot from long range from with more accuracy?

This is the just the post for you.

Here are three steps to shooting accurately from deep.

But first…

Why is the ability to shoot from long range important?

As time passes and basketball evolves, it seems like more players want to shoot from deep.

But, the ability to shoot well from distance is much more than a gimmick.

Once a player is able to do so consistently, they become a huge problem for defenders.

Deep range shooters can create more opportunities for themselves, since defenders have to guard them closer and so become easier to drive past.

They also make life easier for teammates.

Since these shooters are such a threat, there is much more space on the floor and their defenders are less likely to rotate over.

So… let’s get to working on that limitless range.

Step #1: Shooting power comes from your legs

Often, players’ shooting technique will completely deteriorate as they get further from the basket.

What was at first a jump shot, becomes an attempt to fling the ball just so it reaches the rim.

Pay attention to the pros. You’ll notice that their upper body movement is almost identical on all jump shots

Whether it’s at close range, or a deep three.

As you get further from the basket, the extra shooting power should come from your legs.

You might flick your wrist a little harder, but you should NOT be straining your arms to shoot.

By doing so, you lose accuracy and control over the ball.

Instead, use more power from your legs as you get further from the basket.

basketball tips to shoot from long range

Step #2: One-motion shooting

A one-motion shot allows you to shoot from long range, without using too much strength or losing arc.

There are two main types of shooting form:

A one-motion shot, where the ball moves straight upwards and out in one motion as you shoot. (e.g. Stephen Curry)

Meanwhile, in a two-motion shot, you bring the ball upwards and then outwards in two more separate motions. (e.g. LeBron James)

A two-motion shot works for some, especially if you have a lot of upper body strength.

However for many hoopers, especially when shooting from distance, a one-motion shot is better.

The majority of players aren’t strong enough to shoot from long range with a two-motion shot.

Even if they are, it’s a lot of energy to be consuming.

For example, you’ll even notice pros like Devin Booker shooting a more two-motion shot from mid-range.

But then, they’ll switch to more of a one-motion shot for deeper shots.

Step #3: Practice to remove energy leaks in your jump shot

Ever played basketball for the first time in a while, and shot every shot short?

It might seem like you need to put extra effort into each shot.

More often than not, you haven’t got weaker. So what’s happened?

Due to a lack of practice, your shooting technique gets worse.

As a result, the timing of your body’s movements when shooting will be slightly out of sync.

This leads to energy leaks, that reduce the power you get out of your shot.

Consistent practice + good technique is the solution to pretty much all your shooting problems.

This is how even players who look weak and skinny will shoot effortlessly from distance.

That’s why the golden rule of shooting is practice, practice and… more practice.



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