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How to be a better scorer in basketball: Lethal offense

by | Oct 21, 2020


If you want to be a better scorer in basketball and become unguardable on offense, there are THREE things to focus on.

Let’s get straight to it…


Shooting is arguably the most important skill in basketball.

Even in the NBA, there are players who have made a whole career from just being amazing shooters.

If you can shoot well, it takes you a HUGE step closer to being impossible to guard.

Opponents have to defend you completely differently.

The defender must guard you so much tighter, which just makes them easier to blow by.

The deeper you can shoot, the further away from the basket you can drag them out.

This just gives you more space to work with if you blow by them.

And if they leave you open? Easy buckets.


So let’s assume you’ve worked on your shooting to become lethal from range.

Now, your defender is guarding you tightly to contest any potential shot.

If they’re defending too closely, you HAVE to be able to blow by them.

This is where your dribbling training comes in.

By working on your ball handling, you’ll be able to blow by defenders and drive to the basket to get a bucket.

This combination of shooting & dribbling is devastating. Defenders won’t know what to do.

If they get too close, you’ll be driving past them easily with your dribble.

But, if they give you too much space, you’re knocking the shot down.

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basketball tips: how to be a better scorer

Finishing at the rim

Let’s say that the defender’s guarding you tight and you’ve blown by them using your dribbling ability.

Now it’s time to finish at the basket.

This won’t always be a wide open layup.

If you’re going to be a better scorer, you’ll need to be able to do a variety of layups to score at the basket.

This will require both layup training AND playing experience, but with time you’ll learn to finish effectively in traffic.

Time to train

So: shooting, dribbling and finishing. That’s the lethal combination.

As you improve in these categories, it’s certain that you’ll become a better scorer.

It’s a clear and simple layout, but that doesn’t make it easy to achieve.

Consistently training/playing basketball to improve is a MUST.

If you’re ever struggling to score, there’s no need to overcomplicate things.

I can almost guarantee that by improving one of these three things, you’ll find the solution to your problems.



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