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Six effective basketball moves for beginners

by | Nov 23, 2020


Here, we’ve got six basketball moves for beginners.

In basketball, whoever has more points wins.

You have to be able to create scoring opportunities. That’s the bottom line.

Even though these are moves “for beginners”, don’t underestimate them.

When mastered, these moves are deadly.

That’s why you’ll see the pros using them too.

Triple threat basketball moves

Once you catch the ball, you’re in the triple threat position.

This is because, from this situation, you can pass, shoot, or dribble. (A triple threat!)

In this position, you can use a variety of moves to create scoring opportunities.

MOVE #1: Pump fake

This is basically a fake shot.

You act as if you’re going to shoot, whilst keeping your feet on the floor and without actually releasing the ball.

Doing this can trick your defender into jumping, or even just give you an opportunity to drive past them.

Keys to the move:

  • Don’t swing the ball up aimlessly. Mimic your genuine shot form
  • Look at the basket as you do the fake, to help trick the defender

MOVE #2: Jab step

Here, you move your non-pivot foot to the side, as if you’re going to drive past the defender.

This can give you space to shoot, or create an opportunity to drive in the other direction.

Keys to the move:

  • Shift your body, the ball and your eyes along with your foot in the direction you’re faking towards
  • Vary the speed of your jab steps to make them less predictable
basketball moves for beginners to use

Basketball dribbling moves

Once you’ve started dribbling, you still must be able to create opportunities.

Here are two basketball moves for beginners to create space from defenders.

MOVE #3: Between-the-legs dribble

This move is great for players at all skill levels for two reasons:

  1. It allows you to change directions quickly
  2. The ball is protected from defenders as it goes between your legs

Keys to the move:

  • Practice changing direction as fast as possible with this move
  • Keep your non-dribbling arm between you and the defender as soon as you do the move, to provided added protection from the defense

MOVE #4: In-and-out

For an in-and-out dribble, act as if you’re going to cross the ball over.

Then, bounce the ball towards the outside of your body.

So, in one dribble, you’ve gone in and then out.

Here’s why this is a great basketball move for beginners… (as well as all players)

The ball stays in one hand the whole time.

That means there’s not much opportunity for the defender to steal it.

Keys to the move:

  • If you’ve beaten your defender with a crossover first, using an in-and-out the next play is even more likely to trick them
  • Use your eyes and shoulders to fake towards the inward direction

Layup/Finishing moves

Often, once you get to the basket, you won’t be wide open.

Using these two layup moves will help you finish and score inside.

MOVE #5: Euro-step layup

Here, you still take two steps while holding the ball like with a standard layup, but here there’s a twist:

The last step is taken in the opposite direction to the first, to fool the defender.

Keys to the move:

  • Make your final step long. That way, you’ll cover enough ground to get away from the defender

MOVE #6: Reverse layup

Here, you finish the layup on the side of the basket opposite to where you attacked from.

This is effective when a defender is behind you, since a reverse layup helps to prevent them from blocking your shot.

Keys to the move:

  • Keep your body in between your defender and the ball
  • Extend your arm up and away from the defender to finish on the other side of the basket


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