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The basketball triple threat position and how to use it

by | Oct 22, 2020


The triple threat position is one of the most basic concepts in basketball.

Despite this, once trained and mastered, it can become unstoppable.

With that in mind, here’s a full breakdown.

What is the triple threat position?

The triple threat position refers to the position you get into once when you get the ball.

You lower your stance a little so that you are in an explosive stance, with your knees bent and the ball in a comfortable and secure position.

In this position, you are able to pass, dribble and shoot. A triple threat!

Once you catch the ball in this position, whichever foot lands first is your pivot foot.

If you land on two feet at the same time (which is recommended if possible) you can choose which one of your feet becomes your pivot foot.

Once a pivot foot is set, it must stay on the ground until you begin dribbling. If not, it’s an illegal “traveling” violation.

Meanwhile, the other foot is free to move, which is where the triple threat moves come in…

basketball triple threat position

Triple threat moves


This is essentially a fake shot.

By bringing the ball upwards and slightly raising your body up, you can fool your defender into thinking you will shoot.

(Remember to keep your pivot foot on the floor)

This can be very effective if you’re a good shooter and a defender is running towards you trying to close out.


This is a move where you jab your non-pivot foot towards the outside of your body, to fake a drive to the basket.

This can either be directly by your side, or partially in front if you want to force your defender to give you some space.

You can even bring your non-pivot foot across your body, to fake a drive to the other side.

How to make your triple threat moves convincing

Often, players don’t find success with these moves, so they end up thinking that triple threat moves aren’t effective.

This is wrong, of course.

The moves must be convincing.

For a pump fake, instead of carelessly bringing up the ball, try to make it mimic your ACTUAL shot form as closely as possible.

For jab steps, move your eyes, body, foot AND the ball as if you were actually to attack in the direction you’re faking towards.

Additionally, varying the speed of your jab steps can help you fool the defender.

Above is a video of Tracy McGrady using the triple threat position to destroy his opponents.

Watch his moves and see if you can apply them to your game.



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