Easy ways to score more points in basketball

by | Jul 24, 2020


Looking for ways to score more points and dominate offensively in basketball?

Here are four easy tips to get more buckets.

1. Follow your shot

After you shoot, following your shot can lead to easy second chance buckets.

When close to the basket, defenders can often be lazy with boxouts. (They might not even have enough time for a good boxout)

Especially when finishing from close range or shooting layups, remember to put yourself in a position to get an offensive rebound.

Even when you shoot from distance, sometimes you know HOW you’ve missed the shot.

Short, long, left, right etc

This can give you an advantage since in many situations you know where it’ll rebound to before it even happens.

2. Cuts to the Basket

Cutting to the basket can give you a chance for easy points.

Often, everybody will be staring at the ball handler… even the person guarding you.

If you catch your defender sleeping, cutting to the basket can leave you open under the basket for an easy layup.

Also, TIME your cuts at the right time when your teammate is driving to the basket.

As this is happening, defenders will be distracted with less focus on you.

(usually, start cutting just as your teammate arrives at the paint)

If you don’t cut as your teammate drives, this can leave you open further from the basket, but this is a more difficult shot.

Also, sometimes the player with the ball won’t see you and it’s a harder pass to make.

But, cutting to the basket for an open layup is an easy two points.

basketball tips and tricks to score more points

3. Run in transition

Also, an easy way to get a bucket is to run in transition.

If you’re on the three point line in a full court game, this can be a great way to score more points.

You should still box out your man, but as soon as your team secures the rebound, you can dash to the other end of the court.

Easy fast break points.

4. Utilise your triple threat stance

The ‘triple threat‘ refers to when you are standing with the ball but you aren’t dribbling yet.

It is called this since you can pass, shoot or dribble out of this stance.

A simple but UNDERRATED move in the triple threat is the pump fake, where you fake as if you’re going to shoot.

When a defender is closing out as you’re open for a shot, a pump fake can send them jumping in the air.

This will allow you to either shoot the open shot or drive to the basket for an easy layup.

Work on your pump fake to make it as convincing as possible.

In the triple threat stance you are also free to pivot around one foot.

Using a jab step with your non-pivot foot to fake an attack can create a lot of space for you.

For example, say your defender is running at you from the left when you get passed the ball…

A right jab can make them overcommit and give you an easy lane to the basket.

Be CREATIVE and spend time working on your triple threat.

It will always reward you as a player trying to score more points.