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How to become a better rebounder in basketball

by | Jul 30, 2020


These five tips will help you become a better rebounder and help you grab more boards out there on the court.

Getting rebounds may not be the flashiest part of the game, but nevertheless it’s an important one.

Strong Boxout

Developing your ability to box out your opponent is key to becoming a better rebounder.

‘Boxing out’ is the process of holding your position in front of your opponent to make sure that you can secure the rebound.

Make sure to get in a low and stable stance so you can push back against your opponent from a powerful position and keep your position.

Training your lower body strength can greatly improve this trait.

Additionally, you can use your arms to maintain your position and keep your opponent behind you.

But, try not to grab them so that you can avoid a foul.

Pay attention to the shooter

Paying attention to the way the shooter’s release can give away in which direction the ball will bounce off the basket, or if the shot is short, long etc.

This is a difficult skill, but, can give you a huge advantage once mastered.

Here’s a clip of one of the greatest rebounders of all time, Dennis Rodman, saying how he used this to his advantage:

If you know where the ball is going to go before everyone else, you have a huge advantage.

Through working on this skill over time, you’ll become a much better rebounder.

Improve your vertical jump

Training to jump higher is bound to help you snag more rebounds.

Kinda obvious right?

Through vertical jump training, you’ll be able to reach the ball at higher points than your opponent.

That means more rebounds for you, we love it.

basketball tips to be a better rebounder

Follow your shot

Following your shot is a great way to become a better rebounder on offense.

Especially on layups and close shots (since this is less risky), following your shot can get you more rebounds.

This is because you (the person who has shot) more likely to know where it goes before your opponent.

Short, long, left, right etc.

By following your shots from close range there’s not much to lose…

But, you’ll be gaining more rebounds AND second chance points.


Rebounding is just one of those things where the players who put in the most effort will win the battle.

This goes without saying, but a friendly reminder never hurt.

Often it’s not the tallest or strongest players (even though these things do help) who grab the most rebounds, but the player who goes the hardest to grab the ball.

Training basketball-specific endurance can help you a lot if you struggle with stamina.

Through developing endurance, you’ll have more energy in the tank to put in the necessary effort to become a better rebounder.



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