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Maximise Vertical Jump and become an Explosive Athlete

by | Jul 21, 2020


There are so many different opinions on how to jump higher and become a more explosive athlete, often leaving you confused and demotivated.

After walking through four keys to maximise your vertical jump and athleticism, you should be left with a clear vision of where to focus your efforts.


Strength refers to the amount of force that your muscles are capable of producing.

Greater strength allows us to both accept and produce more force.

This creates the potential for more explosive movements: higher jumps, faster sprints and all that good stuff.

However, pure strength alone won’t cut it.

We can all see that olympic lifters aren’t necessarily the highest jumpers or quickest athletes…


In this context, the word ‘speed‘ refers to the neurological connection between your central nervous system and your muscles.

This is just as important as strength.

As it is trained, muscles can contract faster, whether it’s horizontally (that quick first step) or vertically (a dunk with your head at the rim).

This can be seen in athletes who may seem skinner with less muscle mass, but are still very explosive.

increase vertical jump and become an explosive athlete


Mobility refers to the ability to command your body’s movements at its joints, through its full range of motion.

For example, how far you can move your leg around your hip in all directions, at its ball-and-socket joint.

This is overlooked OFTEN by basketball players (and players of other team sports in general).

So… a gymnast’s flexibility may not be needed

But, improved mobility will lead to greater stability in the positions in which the body produces force.

This will result in enhanced explosion and reduced injury.


This refers to the ability of muscles to perform under fatigue.

Training for endurance itself won’t lead to increased explosiveness directly, but it is still important to train.

It will help you drive through other workouts more efficiently and maintain high performance for longer periods during game time.

A quick step in the clutch can be decisive, while a cramp can mean game over.


Consistently working on these areas should leave you well on your way to becoming a well-rounded explosive athlete.

Click on the links in each section to find a more detailed guide on each part, to improve your vertical jump and explosiveness.



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