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How to get blocked less in basketball

by | Sep 28, 2020


Here, we’ve got four tips to get blocked less so you can fill up the scoring sheet.

Developing the skill of a shot that is hard to block is vital if you want to get buckets.

Plus, nobody likes getting their shot rejected by the defender.

Finishing at the basket

Being crafty with your finishes at the basket will help prevent your shot from being blocked.

But… how specifically?

  • For layups, extend your arm fully up AND away from shot blockers
  • Place layups higher on the backboard to make them harder to reach
  • Increase the arc on your floaters

Also, using “extendo layups” and floaters the right way can make you an unstoppable scorer.

Additionally, you can mix in different types of layups like euro-step to fool the shot blocker.

Quick jump shot release

Getting your jump shot off faster is sure to help you get blocked less.

Focus on improving the quickness of your release in your shooting workouts, to develop this skill.

However, make sure you speed up your shot bit by bit and retain a good shot form.

Otherwise, you’re likely to end up doing more harm than good.

basketball tips to get blocked less

Jump training

Of course, jumping higher is going to lead to your shot getting blocked less, as defenders can’t contest your shot as easily.

Training to improve your vertical jump can’t happen overnight.

However, it’s an enjoyable process for many and is worth it for sure.

Workouts aside, you also could potentially improve your jump faster by tweaking your technique.

With training jumping and crafty finishes combined, you’ll see less blocked shots soon enough.

Be aware of help defenders

This is more of an in-game/IQ tip:

When a player beats their defender or sees an open lane, they might think they have a free uncontested layup.

In reality, a defender is often chasing or rotating over.

Try to be conscious of this and act accordingly. (kick it out to the open player or adjust your shot)

Having this in the back of your mind will help you get blocked less, but the real improvement happens the more you play.

As with many things, it just takes experience to get better.



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