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Two foot layups: Benefits and Training drills

by | Sep 28, 2020


The traditional way to layup the ball is by jumping off one foot. However, especially at higher levels, you’ll notice players performing two foot layups.

By going through the advantages of jumping off two feet to take a layup, you’ll see why this is the case.

If unsure about what this is and how do do it, here’s a breakdown, as well as three more types of layups to use.

Back to this, there are also two drills at the end for you to improve your two foot layups, so you’ll be ready when it’s time to use them.

Benefits of two foot layups

Before we get into the positives of taking a layup by jumping off two feet, I want to make this clear.

I am NOT saying that these are necessarily better than layups off one foot (or vice versa).

They each have their benefits and shine in different situations.

BENEFIT #1: body control

Two foot layups grant much more control over your body, as the movement is more balanced with less body rotation.

For example, in a one foot layup off your left leg, your right shoulder naturally rotates inwards as you finish at the rim.

Resultantly, two foot layups give you more room to adjust and change your shot in reaction to a defender.

(This is why double clutch layups are often taken off two feet)

BENEFIT #2: stability

Due to the reduced rotation of the body that occurs, taking a layup off two feet is often more stable and safe, reducing the risk of injury.

Therefore, it allows you to create more contact with your defender in the air to prevent a shot contest/block.

BENEFIT #3: you might jump higher

Depending on your two foot jump technique, what type of player you are and some other factors…

You might actually jump higher when taking a layup off two feet.


As said before, these benefits don’t necessarily make a one foot layup worse.

For instance, with a layup off one foot you can get off the ground faster.

Usually, you can also jump further with good one foot jump technique.

Drills for two foot layups:

For both of these drills, don’t worry if your court doesn’t have markings, just estimate the starting position.

two foot layups drill


The focus here is to make as many layups – finishing off two feet – as possible in one minute.

Start at the left elbow and score a two foot layup.

Then, run to the other elbow and do the same.

Repeat this, making as many as you can in a minute.


Attack the basket from the top of the three point line and finish with a two foot layup with your right hand.

Next, do the same, but with your left hand.

The focus here is on fully extending your arm to finish.

That way, it’ll be harder for defenders to block you when you use it.

The drill is complete once you have made a two foot layup five times using each hand.



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