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Five ways to pass the basketball for beginners

by | Jul 31, 2020


By working on these six different ways to pass the basketball to your teammates, you’ll be moving the ball smoothly to your teammates.

At the end of the day, basketball is a team sport, and so getting your teammates involved is key to winning.

Chest Pass

This is the most basic and effective way to pass to an open teammate that isn’t too far away.

Hold the ball with two hands and spread your fingers out for more control over the ball.

Then, push the ball outwards towards your teammate, flicking both your wrists for maximum power.

Also, remember that a lot of the power from your pass will come from your lower body.

By pushing off your back leg, you’ll have more power on your pass.

Bounce Pass

A bounce pass is one of the best ways to pass the basketball when there is traffic between you and your teammate and you’re working with tight spaces.

For example, let’s say your teammate is at the basket and your are on the perimeter…

If a tall player is halfway between you, a bounce pass works great here.

Try to make the ball bounce roughly by the side of the defender (rather than in front or behind them).

This way, the ball is as low down as possible when it goes past them, making it hardest to intercept.

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Lob Pass

A lob pass can also be effective when there is a defender in between you and your teammate, especially if this defender is a shorter player.

HOWEVER, lob passes can be risky in traffic.

This is because tall and/or players with a high vertical jump can often jump up and reach the ball.

Also, these passes spend a long time in the air, meaning that other defenders can leave who they’re guarding to come and intercept the ball.

Due to this, it’s best to use lob passes when they player your guarding isn’t too crowded.

Through practice and experience you’ll learn when it’s best to use a lob pass and when it’s best to avoid it.

Overhead Pass

An overhead pass is just what it sounds like… you pass starting with the ball positioned over your head. (Rather than at your chest or waist)

This is a useful way to pass the basketball when your defender is putting a lot of pressure on you.

If there’s no room to hold the ball at your chest, the overhand pass can be a great ally.

Fake Passes

The reality is that fake passes aren’t “just flashy”, but an important part of the game.

Often, beginners stare straight at their teammate before making the pass, making it obvious and easy to steal.

Using a fake pass (motion as if you are throwing a pass but then hold onto the ball) before an actual pass can help to prevent you from turning it over.

Another option is the no-look pass (looking one way and passing another way).

Although it can require some practice, it’s a great way to trick defenders and get the ball to an open teammate.



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